Preventative care

Our main focus is helping you to be healthy; preventing dental disease is very possible and should always be the aim of any dental care plan.

Prevention services:

Short recall period: we are happy to actively work with you to avoid any treatment where possible! This means seeing you 3 or 6 monthly to monitor the identified (potential) problem (recall is dependent on individual situation). Some dental disease can be remedied and/or managed effectively through the use of dental products (in-office and/or take home) professional support and good hygiene and dietary habits.

Hygiene Services: routine to complex cleaning, tartar (calculus) removal, advice, at home care plans

Protective coatings: use of a fluoride material which is used to cover over the deep grooves (fissures) in the back teeth (especially the molars). this prevents food and plaque from getting into these areas which are difficult to clean; Fissures are one of the most common areas for cavities to start.

Fluoride treatment: Primarily the use of a Fluoride gel applied directly to affected areas (surfaces of the teeth showing signs of early decay) Fluoride hardens weakened tooth surfaces. Other products are available for you to take home to support this.

Education and support: hygiene and dietary advice, education re: understanding how dental disease develops, why its important to do things or not to do things and the most effective way to care for yourself.

Take home products - we have range of Colgate products available for you to use at home which will support you to maintain a healthy and fresh mouth. Some products are medicine and are prescribed to address a particular problem. All our products are competiviely priced (often cheaper than the supermarket).

Mouth Wash options - Anti-bacterial, fluoride, drymouth relief,

Toothpaste: Normal Fluoride, high fluoride and sensitivity relief,

ToothMousse which is a non-flouride creme containing Clacium and Phosphate (for more info check out

Toothbrushes: Soft or Extra soft, and Electric brushes starting from as little as $40

Floss: Regular and Tartar Control