About Us

The Simply Dental Team

We are really proud of our team and the work they do. They are all community- minded professionals who are passionate about using their combined skills to provide a positive, valuable and prevention focussed dental experience for YOU. Come in and meet them.

We see our work as a fantastic opportunity to provide easy, comfortable, and affordable quality dental care that works. Our main job is to support and encourage you to enjoy a healthy mouth and to avoid dental disease for your entire life!  

We love Wellington and dentistry, and we especially love providing great dental care to the great people of Wellington. We offer a full range of dental care services at a competitive price so you get the best without having to pay the top price for it.

We are the leaders in adolescent dental care services

We are particularly proud of our adolescent programme; working with secondary schools to provide mobile (school based) fully funded dental care for teenagers. This is a successful programme and adds value to the school, students their families and the community. We intend to keep providing this programme for a long time.

Our Genesis: A Brief Background 

After 13 years in the dental industry 5 of which were working in Auckland with a team providing mobile dental care for teenagers and the wider community, we decided that it was time to come home to Wellington and to get work setting up a similar service for Wellington. So, with the help of some fantastic and hardworking people, we have been successfully working with many of the secondary schools in Wellington since May 2010. In February 2012 we expanded and have been providing dental services for adult clients as well.

It wasn't an easy journey to get to where we are today but we had a clear vision and goal and are seriously determined to make things happen and succeed. A big thank you to the schools and their great staff, students, parents and our team,  friends and family who have helped and supported us to make this possible.